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Aaron Corte


I often work with individuals who are ambitious, but find themselves stuck and feeling they've reached the limits of their ability to fix things themselves. I work from a trauma-informed perspective, and believe that symptoms are often not 'problems' so much as they are unhelpful learned responses to pain. I also focus heavily on helping clients to develop meaning and a sense of purpose for their lives. My approach in sessions is relational, meaning I greatly value the importance of connection between us and do my best to open up clear communication and trust.

As for all the logistics... I'm a licensed psychotherapist, coach, and founder of Wellspring Connection. I have my M.S.W. in Mental Health from the University of Michigan, am trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitive Reprocessing) for trauma healing, and have studied Vipassana Meditation at Wat Ram Poeng Temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I started Wellspring Connection because I wanted to increase access to holistic therapy and mental health resources online.

Insurance Accepted:

Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Care Network, Blue Cross Complete (Medicaid)

Aaron Corte

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