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EMDR Therapy

EMDR Therapy

A transformational experience of healing past wounds and traumas. Instead of traditional talk therapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) uses simple movements that allow your brain to process trauma so that you're no longer held back by negative beliefs about yourself.

The perspective in EMDR is that your negative self-beliefs are not objectively true, but are learned through experience. If we can identify these past experiences, the moments in time that taught you a negative conclusion about yourself, then we can rewrite the old conclusion.

We do this "rewriting" through exercises involving eye movements, which is similar to what happens during our REM sleep. This is the part of our sleep cycle where our brain is processing and storing our memories from the day before, so we can recall them without distress when we wake up tomorrow. And similarly in EMDR we "process" the negative or traumatic memory so that the distress is reduced.

Your brain wants to do this. It's geared to recover from trauma, so long as it has the opportunity to do so. EMDR therapy has helped people with some of the most severe traumas, including war and abuse. These are called Big T Traumas, although many of us also experience the Little T Traumas. These are less severe, but they can still hold us back in significant ways and contribute to other kinds of mental health disorders.

EMDR is a kind of journey you can take, where you are essentially rewriting your past. Of course we can never change our memories, but we can change what they taught us about ourselves. For those who have ended up in unhealthy patterns due to negative beliefs about themselves, such as toxic relationships or behaviors, this can be truly transformational.

Is this approach right for you?

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